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First Things First.

As people of God, we place primary importance on the knowledge of God’s call in our lives. Begin your journey by, discerning God’s Call.

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最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===Select and download a Degree Progress Worksheet.

See the published course schedule for the academic year:


What does it look like to mix Theory and Practice?

最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===At Northern we strive to prepare students for ministry in a wide variety of ways. We believe the Church needs skilled ministers who know God and respond to God in a way that is reflective of the character and nature of Christ.  As a result we have developed a curriculum that dynamically combines both academic theory and practical ministry experience.

最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===What does this mean for you?  It means that you will not only have the opportunity to serve and learn under the guidance of seasoned ministers but also grow deeper in your relationship with God, develop a greater understanding of your ministry skills, and ultimately learn how to live out your calling in ministry.  Check out a few of our Supervised Ministry courses to learn more .


How do I pay for Northern?

Seminary is expensive, and ministry is sacrificial, so it is important that students have access to flexible and creative funding options to pay for their theological education. We have several options to help students with tuition costs from scholarships to grants.  Read more HERE.



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Through a partnership with the Association of Chicago Theological Schools (ACTS) students can cross-register for courses at other area schools.  For more information click .


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