Christian Community Development

Northern offers Masters and Doctor of Ministry programs in Christian Community Development, available across the country via interactive live-streaming. Start your program with a class in Lawndale June 2019.

最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===The program is led by “Coach” Wayne Gordon, the co-founder of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). Courses will be taught by Wayne Gordon, with participation from John Perkins.

Through a partnership with Lawndale Community Church and working with the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), Northern has developed specialized courses designed to fit the specific interests and needs of students who are focused on enriching ministry in urban contexts.

最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===Northern offers several options to study Christian Community Development:

最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===If you have a passion for ministry in an urban setting, and want to engage in the exploration of issues in urban ministry through the lens of theological reflection and the perspective of Christian faith, then pursuing a Christian Community Development emphasis at Northern Seminary may be the right option for you.

Is this program for me?

最新本道高清无码av__无码中文字幕在线播放2__精品国产自在线拍===The Christian Community Development Emphasis is for:

  • Church staff and others who are engaged in ministry in an urban setting.
  • Anyone interested in deepening his or her knowledge of the Bible, theology, ethics and specialized skills for ministry in the urban church.
  • Pastors or church leaders who want to gain specialized skill for ministry with a focus on Christian Community Development.

Christian Community Development classes include:

  • Understanding the City
  • Understanding Poverty
  • Church and Community Development
  • Race, Reconciliation, and Reparations
  • Community and Economic Reconciliation
  • Nurturing Your Call
  • Leadership with Justice and Compassion

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