Why Northern?

1nali.comcation has a vital role to play in the advancement of God’s Kingdom. As the world continues to change, the need for transformational leadership has grown. To effectively meet this need, the Church must raise up leaders who have a firm grasp, both in theory and in practice, of God’s mission on earth. Have you considered this growing need?

Why is Seminary Important?

Why Northern Seminary?

As the need for seminary increases, so does the need for a renewed approach to Theological Education. Northern Seminary is dedicated to God’s mission through the development of leaders who will be personally whole, spiritually mature, biblically grounded, and theologically competent.




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Northern Seminary is committed to providing you with an education in your context, both theologically and geographically. From the quality of our staff to the mentoring relationships between our faculty and students, the Northern experience is truly Biblical, Missional, and Personal. Let us walk with you.

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